10 Simple Family Travel Tips To Make Traveling Fun and Easy

To travel is to adventure. It should be fun and exciting, but with the hassle of packing and hours in the car with your family, can turn stressful and sour real fast. With the right tips and preparations though, it can become a fond memory that your family will never forget. Here are some travel tips I have learned through the experience of traveling with my family:

  1. Keep the snacks and movies (if there is a TV in the car) in an easily accessible spot. It is always frustrating when you packed them under suitcases and bags and can’t get to them. Also, if you do not want to stop for meals, pack sandwiches or do a quick stop at a drive thru.
  2. Pack light so you are not squished and have leg room. I use to go on family trips where we all had to sit cross-legged the whole time because we over packed. My legs would fall asleep and get cramped. My mom ended up getting a blood clot from it and was in the hospital for 2 days.
  3. DO NOT drink a lot of liquids unless you plan on frequent stops. Also, when you do stop, go to the bathroom, even if you don’t have to. Otherwise you may have to go an hour later and no one will want to stop for you.
  4. Make sure to make some travel playlists or bring a book on tape. I prefer books on tape during car rides because reading in the car always makes me feel car sick. Some of my favorite travel songs are:
  5. Play some travel games like:
    • Eye Spy.
    • The License Plate game where the person who finds the license plate from farthest away wins.
    • Travel Bingo where you make a bingo board with road signs and land marks and whoever gets bingo first wins.
    • 20 Questions where a family member in the car thinks of an object or person. The rest of the family has to guess what or who it is after asking 20 questions. (Or more. My family and I never put a limit to it.)
    • The Alphabet Game where you have to get through the whole alphabet by finding signs or billboards that start with each letter in order. (i.e. an Aflac billboard, A for Aflac. A Burger King Sign, B for Burger King, a Columbus, Ohio sign, C for Columbus.)
    • Some fun Apps to play with each other during the ride are QuizUp and Words With Friends
    • Download the Red Roof Inn App and they have the rules to some of these games under the page Travel Games! You will also save $5 per night when you download the app this October.
  6. Make sure to bring a pillow and blanket to be comfy. Also, no one is ever the same temperature. You may be freezing while your sibling is burning up. A blanket is perfect to have in this case.
  7. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Then you will not hold up the back seat people who are trying to get out while you are trying to put on and tie your shoes.
  8. If it’s a long drive, make sure to take turns driving.
  9. Sleep most of the ride away if you get car sick easily and you are just a passenger. My sister, Abbie, always does this.
  10. Look up places to stop and attractions to see on the way to make the travel experience more exciting.

Safe travels to you all!


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