Six Months of Travel

During the first 6 months of 2014, I have spent a lot of time traveling and visiting some great Red Roof Inns all around the country. I have been to 13 states this year and visited a ton of cities I have never been to before like San Antonio and Boston. I thought I’d share with you some of the places I have been and maybe it will spark some wanderlust in you for summer travel!
1.Listened to live music on the San Antonio Riverwalk
2.Biked the National Mall with a sorority sister
3.Walked through gardens of tulips in Boston
4.Played Putt-Putt in Omaha
5.Visited my parents new house in Florida for the first time
6.Got snowed in during my trip to Atlanta
7.Saw the track at Churchill Downs
8.Ate deep dish pizza in Chicago
9.Taught my Grandma to FaceTime in Cleveland
10.Gloated in Pittsburgh, when the Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in game three of the NHL Playoffs
11.Went white water rafting in North Carolina

I have had a ton of fun this passed 6 months and will continue my travels by visiting the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, at the end of the month. Check out some of my previous blogs to see more stories about my travels!

Take advantage of Red Roof Inns summer promotion Stay 2 Get 1! Check out some of the places I have been or make your own adventure!

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