Instagramming in Boston

I find that I am somewhere between a laidback and a spontaneous person. There are times I am definitely fine just laying low and would much rather stay home then go out. However sometimes I can’t wait to get out and want to try something or see something new. I was in Boston last week visiting a few of our properties there. The first day I was in Boston it was beautiful, 80’s and Sunny. I went to where I thought the train station was and I couldn’t park, so I decided to skip it and take a nap instead. Later that week, as I was driving home from a property, I saw the train station and I thought might as well… So I found myself pulling off on the exit buying tickets and before I knew it I was on a train to downtown Boston. I am happy I have the spontaneity to just go, an iPhone to get me around the streets of downtown Boston, however next time I feel the urge to walk around a city for a few hours I hope I have tennis shoes in my car. Since I left straight from a property visit, I was wearing flats. I got to see most of the city but missed a few things because my feet could not take it anymore
I use a lot of my social networks to show the people back home the new places I am at and what I am doing while I travel. So I might as well show all of you! While in Boston, I visited the Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. I also walked around the Boston Commons and saw all the beautiful flowers in the Public Market. I started walking the Freedom Trail until my feet and blisters could not take it anymore! Later in the week, I also drove to Cambridge to see Harvard, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to park so I didn’t stop and walk around. Something to see next time! Here are a few of the pictures of Boston I shared –

This was a picture inside the Quincy Market


A few pictures inside the Boston Public Gardens
This squirrel jumped on me right after I took this picture
The only picture I got of the Cambridge/Harvard Area

If you love to travel – Travel Social with us! We have a contest running through May 30, 2014! Post a picture of where you would like to travel this summer on Instagram and use #redroofwow. Find out all the detail here. After seeing all these pictures, Boston might be where you want to go – Check out our Boston area properties.

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