40 Years of Stories to Share, Can We Get 40,000 Views?

We launched our blog with the hopes that we would find an audience by sharing our stories and the stories of our guests. What better subject matter for storytelling than travel?  And we found an audience boy did ever. Of course we attribute that to the blog authors stunning command or the english language and clever wit right? Well maybe that is a part of it, but really we have our great audience and readers to thank for our success. We have 40 years of stories to share via our blog and it has been a great experience for us to be able to share what we have written so far and we are excited to keep our audience entertained and find new readers as we celebrate in 2013 our 40th Anniversary.

Every good celebration needs a kick off and would like to thank all of readers by having a little give away with a promise, or a goal if you will, if we reach 40,000 readers this year, we will really celebrate! What do you think? Can we do it? I think we can.

So to say thank you, sign up below for a chance to win one of 2 $100 gift cards to help you go out and write your story.

Good luck and keep on reading and sharing your stories with us here at Travel With Red Roof.

Kevin and Allie, Humbled Blog Writers

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