You Say You Want a Resolution…

Resolution. According to it means, a formal expression of opinion or intention made. The “R” word is used a lot during this time of year. As we close the books on the previous 365 days of our lives we look forward to the next 365 with anticipation that things will be different, better, fresh, new, exciting, etc. We step up and declare our intentions for whats ahead with vigor and a renewed sense of purpose. I am going to lose weight, quit smoking, travel more, call my mother, finally beat the last level of Super Mario Brothers! We plan, we anticipate, we do not go softly into that good night. And the second of January rolls around and we say, eh, maybe I will get to it tomorrow.

The older I get the faster I find that I come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe I am stuck in my ways, a creature of habit and while I appreciate the act of throwing down the gauntlet of change for the new year, I find myself more often then not lacking the follow through on the resolutions made with youthful enthusiasm as the clock winds towards midnight. I mean, I made it through another year, I did okay, why change what appears to have worked so far? And then I found out that I was going to be a dad. And the thoughts set in. What worked for me, will it work for her? Will it work for a family? Yes, I know the dog seems to like things the way they are but will she? So I dusted off the bright eyed look towards the future and set out to not only make resolutions but to follow through on them. Perhaps a test was in order. I resolve to finish the nursery by 12/25. Now in full disclosure I made this resolution back in August, knowing full well it would take a few weeks ramp up, starts and stalls and all,  to complete. But you know what? I did it. Well my wife and father in law did it but I helped, Home Depot runs and sandwich getting is my forte when it comes to home remodeling.

So here I stand, fresh off the success of making a resolution and seeing it through. The possibilities for 2013 are open wide. I resolve to get out of the house more. I resolve to find a better balance of work and life. I resolve to be a good dad. I resolve to follow through on my resolutions. I had a moment in my life when I though resolutions where for the young or the optimistic and wondered why people felt the need to fool themselves that things could be different. But once again, I get it. I understand our need to inspire ourselves, to look ahead, to boldly go where no one has gone before, if only it is to the gym.

This act we do every year, the dance of the new, the rap of resolutions. It’s good for us. It gives us the best gift we can give to ourselves. The gift of hope. The gift of potential.

From all of us to all of you, we wish you adventures and dreams to come in 2013 and we resolve to keep providing great posts here at Travel with Red Roof in 2013, as long as you, dear reader, resolve to keep reading them.

Red Roof is wants to help you resolve to finish that home remodeling project in 2013, yes we are enablers, enter to win a $100 Home Depot gift card on our Facebook page!


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