Travel Tips to Ease Hectic Holidays

Save money and ditch the stress of air travel - Skip long security lines, baggage fees and all the hassle of air travel by packing up the car and hitting the road. Last year, nearly 100 million Americans drove for the holidays according to AAA, and joining them saves you endless stress and valuable dollars.... Continue Reading →

Holiday Travel Season Facts

From planes and trains to automobiles and hotels, industry research finds that American travelers often have to compromise on cost or convenience in order to make the most of holidays. At Red Roof, we find that small adjustments can make a big difference in how consumers experience their holidays. Before planning your holiday trip, check... Continue Reading →

Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

In celebration of Earth Day this Friday, here are some Eco Friendly tips to follow when you travel: Eat local. Find a farmer’s market or street stall and eat what the locals eat. The food will most likely be locally grown and sourced. You also get to support local communities and their needs. Ask when... Continue Reading →

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