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Red Roof Loves pets!

Pet month is still in full swing! Pet travelers, do not forget to use your 15% discount this month, whether you’re traveling with your dog, cat, chinchilla – whoever your 4-legged best friend happens to be! Don’t forget that all pets stay free!

No matter the pet, petMD is there to help you out with all of your pet needs!

Our Digital Marketing Coordinator used PetMD for her cat whenever she had questions:snapchat-7338138840540447785

“My little kitten named Louie is 2 and a half years old! PetMD has been terrific for me throughout the couple years of Louie’s life so far. PetMD even helped me pick out Louie’s name as they have a large list of male cat names to choose from. PetMD’s symptom checker is great and super easy to use. You just click on what type of pet you have, click on the area where your pet is experiencing symptoms and choose from a wide list of symptoms your pet may have. This has been very helpful as it lets me know whether I should take Louie to a vet or if he is fine and I am just being too much of a worry wart. Thank you PetMD!”

CLICK HERE to ask petMD.

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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#GoMoreGoBetter Summer 2016


summer 2016 #gomoregobetter contest

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still #GoMoreGoBetter with Red Roof!

Share with us your favorite travel memory so far from summer 2016 and use the hashtag #GoMoreGoBetter for a chance to win 1 of 3 prize packs. The prize packs include a $500 Visa Gift Card and 5 free nights at any Red Roof nationwide!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Follow @redroofinn on Instagram
  2. Share your favorite summer 2016 photo with #gomoregobetter in the post
  3. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on or around August 31st.

Dates: August 10th-31st, 2016

Click here for contest rules and more information.

Good luck to all and happy Summer 2016 Adventures!


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David Hostetler; Final Blog

Red Roof Inn
7340 Plantation Road
Pensacola, Fla. 32504

Aug. 30, 2015

I have reached the final stop on my “Cross Country Red Roof Inn Tour” in Pensacola, Florida. Thus, I am writing my final blog entry for this trip.  I plan to stay an extra day here to do some visiting.  I needed a break from the view of the windshield.  Why not here in the Cradle of Naval Aviation?  After 12 hours of travel, Toni, the desk clerk, greeted me with the southern hospitality common in the Floribama region of the Gulf Coast.  She followed up with a call to the room about 30 minutes later.

A King Room with microwave and refrigerator, I am in good shape for my two-day stay here.  The hotel is nestled away in a professional park setting providing a very quiet room for sleeping.  It is close to restaurants and shopping as well as the Interstate.  A breakfast restaurant across the parking lot provided a great way to start the morning.

My Navy training causes me to pause at this point and review the plan, the execution of the plan and how it may be improved.  I smile to myself when I learned the Navy way of planning is to start by saying, ‘How did we do it last time?”  Since this was the first time, I had made my best attempt.  The plan was solid and set a very high standard for the next execution.  Planning out the distances and estimating the driving time each day could use some tweaking.  I might change the 12 hour drive to two days if possible next time.  THAT was a long day.  At least it was daylight driving only.  Safety for you, your family and everyone on the road around you is most important.

Staying in the same hotel chain provided an expected level of service and quality every night, regardless of the location. I was pleased on all four stops.  It began to feel like I was staying in the same place, but was actually progressing along.  Familiarity with the property and the décor helped, but the constant factor across the country was the pleasant professional staff who serve you at the Red Roof Inn.

I am aware that different military services have different and sometimes more methodical ways of planning operations and missions.  All are very effective upon execution.  My advice is to plan your trip.  Including Red Roof Inn worked well for my plan.  It may do the same for you.  “How did we do it last time?”  I know how I did it…and I can confidently say: “Mission Accomplished!”

In closing:  If you have ever donned a uniform to serve your city, state or country, Please accept my sincere gratitude for what you and your family have done.

Executed a plan with minimal changes.

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Summer Travel INN-spiration

Summer is the perfect time for getaways, whether for some relaxation and rejuvenation or for action packed adventures. Whatever the reason, take advantage of the summer and go on as many adventures as you can and share them with us on gomoregobetter.com. We want to hear your stories! Check out some travel stories from vacationers below for some travel INN-spiration:

go more go better stories 8 go more go better stories go more go better stories 7 go more go better stories 6 go more go better stories 5 go more go better stories 4 go more go better stories 3

Remember to get the most out of your travel experience by staying with Red Roof Inn! This summer, now through the end of August, all RediCard members who register for the Stay 3 Get 1 promotion, and who stay 3 separate times with Red Roof from the point of registration, will earn a free night! Click here for more info.

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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#GoMoreGoBetter and Win! Red Roof Inn Instagram Contest

Follow @RedRoofInn on Instagram and show us how you #GoMoreGoBetter on your travels for a chance to win free nights at Red Roof and gift cards!

Here’s how to enter:#gomoregobetter contest

  1. Follow @redroofinn on Instagram.
  2. Capture your great travel moment and share your original photo with #GoMoreGoBetter in the post.
  3. At the end of the month of May, the top 3 photos will be chosen at random for 1st-3rd place prizes!

You could win:

  • 1st place- 5 room nights and $250 in gift cards
  • 2nd place- 5 room nights and $100 in gift cards
  • 3rd place- 5 room nights

CLICK HERE for more information!

Good luck to everyone! We look forward to seeing all your travel adventure pictures!


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Whats your story?

Whether traveling for family vacations, sporting events, pet competitions and hiking adventures; we have the stories. What is yours? Share your story today at gomoregobetter.com 

baseball fun

Rex Sox Training Camp! -Janet J

mountain adventure

My first trip out west was absolutely amazing! This is on top of Zion National park Utah. The view was well worth the 4miles up! -Christina R

beautiful view

This brings me back to an adventure with my husband on Oahu. We found this hike by accident but are so glad we did! Look at the view! #gomoregobetter. -Mary R











disney family travel

Downtown Disney! -Janet J


My friend and I strike a pose in front of the 360 Overlook bridge in Austin, TX. -Melanie M


Road Trip + Adventure +Family Fun + Getaway = Family Fun! -Sally J







pet travel

I show my odgs in agility. We travel all over and always are welcome at any Red Roof Inn! Thank-you Red Roof! -Pepi L

sun set

Island Community Church Easter Sunrise Service, Chesapeake Beach, Islamorada, Florida Keys. -Peter K


After a well played game. Relaxation is waiting with our accommodations at The Red Roof Inn. -Bristol F














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Go more. Go better.

Red Roof Inn invites you to Go More. Go Better. Travel is not just the destination but the experience of the journey and the memories made along the way.

With Red Roof, we want you to get the most out of your travel experience. Our budget friendly prices allow you to experience more at sporting events, shopping sprees, amusement parks, excursions and so much more!

We invite you to share your adventures with us at gomoregobetter.com. The purpose of the site is to share our travel stories, experiences and memories. Along with the site,we will be doing some fun give aways to help you capture and create memories as you travel this year.

Enter our Memory Maker Contest for a chance to win a GoPro, Free Night stays at any Red Roof and more!

Go More. Go Better.

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A Winter Story

Every year during the winter season from middle school to college, it was a tradition in my family to travel to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to celebrate Christmas. I have a lot of good memories in the Upper Peninsula during the holiday season that range from playing outside in the piles of snow to bundling up with blankets and hot chocolate each night around the TV to watch holiday movies. We have two family favorites that we always have to watch together: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story.

Through the many years of traveling to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the winter season, I feel like I can relate a lot to the characters Ralphie and Randy in the movie A Christmas Story and to the funny family stories in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Every year during the winter season in the Upper Peninsula, it would be absolutely freezing with multiple feet of snow on the ground and huge icicles hanging from our cabin roof. Our mom would remind us every time before we would go outside to watch out and stay away from the icicles because, if they would fall, they could kill us, just like how everyone would tell Ralphie that the B.B. gun could poke an eye out. One year, my sister Kerrie’s eye was almost poked out, not by an icicle, but by a pick ax we were using to build a snow tunnel. Needless to say, we never use the pick ax anymore to build snow forts.


We would dress up just like Randy, all bundled up to where we could barely move just to stay warm during the cold. We always would laugh at each other as we put on our huge snow suits and tried to run around in our outfits. We were always happy we bundled up though as soon as we stepped outside. Especially when we were out on the frozen lake ice fishing where there were no trees to block the wind.


Every year, we would also try to make a ginormous snowman. Each year we would try to make a snowman taller than the last.

399468_268197989907215_1499481183_n (1)

We would also have a sledding contest to see who could go the furthest each year. Our cabin is on top of a huge hill, so we were always able to go fast and far. We sometimes would make it all the way to sledding on top of the frozen lake! This is where I always was reminded of the sledding scene in Christmas Vacation.


Just like in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, my siblings, my dad and I every year would go hiking all through the woods in the Upper Peninsula in search of the perfect Christmas tree. We would walk for hours trying to find the right one. Last year, we actually got lost in the woods looking for the perfect tree and it took us almost until dark to finally find our way home. Our dad even made the dumb suggestion of all of us splitting up to look for the way out. We all yelled at him saying that is how people die, especially in scary movies.

After a long day of playing outside in the cold, it was always a relief to get inside and relax under a warm blanket with my family and watch our favorite Christmas movies together.

Do you and your family need a place to travel to this holiday season? Create your own family winter story by traveling to the original A Christmas Story house! This year, the Red Roof Inn Cleveland locations are offering a special ‘Ralphie Rate Package‘ which includes:

  • A rate of $99.997253DE47-188B-3B72-2E0F27304D13BA44
  • A choice of room types at one of four Cleveland Red Roof locations
  • 2 Admission tickets to A Christmas Story House and Museum
  • Exclusive 15% discount in the gift shop
  • Free appetizer at Bac Chinese Restaurant
  • And a special keepsake from your visit

For more information, click here!

Safe travels during the winter months!


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Experience Atlanta

I had the opportunity of experiencing a day in Atlanta, Georgia. Though I was only there for 1 day, I had a blast!

I got to the Columbus airport very early for a 6 am flight to Atlanta. During the flight, I had a great view of all the lights of Columbus and of the rising sun.


The airport in Atlanta was one of the biggest airports I have ever been in, though I have not been in many. You had to take a train to get to each gate letter and we also had to take a tram to the rental car place.

Once we got our rental car, we decided to explore the city. I got to officially check off one attraction from my bucket list: The Centennial Olympic Park! The park was very beautiful during the day. The weather was perfect and the leaves were all different shades of red, orange, and brown because the fall season was just beginning there, unlike in Columbus, Ohio where the leaves are already all off the trees and it is beginning to snow! The park was also in the process of being decorated for Christmas. There was a huge Christmas tree and some lights were being set up. I bet the park is beautiful at night when all the decorations are complete and lit up!


The Centennial Olympic Park had beautiful ponds and fountains that were paying tribute to the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia. There were statues of the Olympic Torch and there was an Olympic Ring Fountain, which sadly was closed for maintenance when I was there. There was also flags from all over the world circling the park.


The park is also in the center of a bunch of attractions that I have to visit next time I am in Atlanta, like The World of Coca-Cola Museum, The Georgia Aquarium, and the CNN Center, the world’s headquarters of CNN where you can go on tours of the newsrooms and learn how the teleprompter and weather maps work.


During the afternoon, I got to attend and help out at the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly renovated NextGen® rooms of the Lithonia, GA property! The rooms looked awesome with the new flat screen TVs and the comfy bedding with Rest Suite beds by Serta®. I had a great time meeting everyone who put time and effort into remodeling the hotel.

opening ceremony 2 opening ceremony

After the ceremony, I got to walk around the Lenox Square Mall, which is bigger than any mall I have been to in Columbus! They also had the bakery, Sprinkles Cupcakes, which is the world’s first cupcake bakery, where I had a dark chocolate cupcake. The cupcake was absolutely delicious and I definitely recommend making the bakery a stop when you travel to Atlanta just so you can try their famous cupcakes! I spent the night at the Buckhead Red Roof Inn PLUS+ property and left the next morning to the airport.

There are many Red Roof Inns around Atlanta, so when planning your trip, choose a Red Roof Inn to stay at so you can get more out of your travel experience with our low budget rates, like touring the CNN center, riding the Ferris Wheel, going on a shopping spree at the Lenox Square mall, or, my favorite, going to the aquarium!

Life is short and the world is large, so start planning your adventures now!

Safe travels to you all!


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Vegas Baby!

This title has 2 different meanings to me: 1, Vegas baby! A fun and exciting way to say YES, I am here in Vegas and I am going to work hard and play hard. 2, I actually am a Vegas baby because it is my first time here.

Not only was it my first time in Vegas, but it was my first time riding a plane since 8th grade, my first business trip and my first time gambling! What an experience to have 4 firsts in one big trip!

I am not going to lie, I had a lot of nerves and worries about going on a plane for the first time in 8 years. I was worried I would miss my flight, not find my gate, get stopped at security or lose a bag. To calm my nerves, I did end up getting to the airport the morning of the flight extra early just so I did not have to worry about any of those things. I got to my gate with no problem and my nerves turned to excitement. I was going to be on a plane going to Las Vegas! HOLY COW! I was very ready to get there. 🙂

The plane ride was 4 and a half hours long and I got a window seat. I got to see all of Columbus, Ohio lit up in the early morning from high up above. It was beautiful.

Here are some exciting things I got to see and do while in Vegas!:

  • I walked through Caesars Palace (Yes, I was excited to see it because of the Hangover), It was beautiful and huge with a casino and a mall inside. The ceiling was painted to look like clouds and they had amazing statues and fountains inside the hotel.PicMonkey Collage
  • I ate at delicious buffets for breakfast at Planet Hollywood and lunch at MGM. The breakfast had quiches, sausage, peppers, smoothies, fruit, croissants, ham and cheese sandwiches, pancakes and everything you can imagine, while the lunch buffet had food from every country. Good thing I was doing a ton of walking and exploring to walk off all the food I ate. The MGM had the Rain Forest Cafe and the biggest casino where I felt lost while exploring it.IMG_20141028_204135
  • I walked through20141028_133717_resized the Bellagio, which was very nice and high class. The lobby ceiling was made of handmade colorful glass pieces of art by Chihuli and it also had a casino and a mall with more high-end shops inside.
  • I stayed in Planet Hollywood on floor 17 and had a beautiful view of the Nevada desert and mountains.
  • I saw the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Flamingo and the Bellagio fountain show, which was amazing and gave me chills. The fountains are synchronized to different songs that they had playing. When the music went through a powerful chorus, the fountains would shoot up all together, going extremely high in the air. You could hear the cannons that were shooting the water up because it was so powerful! I loved the show and I watched it both during the day and at night.20141028_150328_resized
  • I explored the New York, New York hotel, which had a roller coaster on the outside of it! The inside looked like a little New York City town and it had all the foods you would find there. If you haven’t realized it yet, all the hotels took on a theme and really pulled out the theme very well.20141030_114418_resized
  • I went through the M&M store and Hershey store where there was a ton of delicious chocolate.
  • I did a lot of people watching! The amazing thing about Vegas was how diverse it was. People lined the street dressed up in show girl costumes or marvel super hero characters. Just so many people and so many things to watch and see. You get handed so many fliers and half-off show tickets and a ton of different coupons with things to do. Just people watching is an interesting thing to do in Vegas.
  • During the trip, I also got to go to a Red Roof Inn Franchise conference where I got to learn more about our properties. I got to hear Kevin Scholl, our Director of Digital Marketing, give a great speech about digital marketing and social media as well!20141029_141750_resized
  • Finally, I got to have my first gambling experience in the Planet Hollywood casino. I mostly stuck to the slots since I do not know the rules of Poker. The casinos reminded me of an adult Dave & Busters. So many machines, games, tables, people, drinks, food, dancers- just a ton of fun things to do and see! I moved around and played a bunch of different slots. I was up a few dollars, then down more than a few, but finally I was up again and decided to be done. I did not want to get greedy and lose, especially since it is all chance.Photo_2014-10-30_09-24-22_AM

I left  Vegas a winner. Katie: 1, Vegas: 0. Until next time!

Viva Las Vegas!

And don’t forget, a Red Roof Inn is located conveniently only a mile away from the strip! A great place to stay so you can get more out of your travel experience!


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