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Red Roof Loves pets!

Pet month is still in full swing! Pet travelers, do not forget to use your 15% discount this month, whether you’re traveling with your dog, cat, chinchilla – whoever your 4-legged best friend happens to be! Don’t forget that all pets stay free!

No matter the pet, petMD is there to help you out with all of your pet needs!

Our Digital Marketing Coordinator used PetMD for her cat whenever she had questions:snapchat-7338138840540447785

“My little kitten named Louie is 2 and a half years old! PetMD has been terrific for me throughout the couple years of Louie’s life so far. PetMD even helped me pick out Louie’s name as they have a large list of male cat names to choose from. PetMD’s symptom checker is great and super easy to use. You just click on what type of pet you have, click on the area where your pet is experiencing symptoms and choose from a wide list of symptoms your pet may have. This has been very helpful as it lets me know whether I should take Louie to a vet or if he is fine and I am just being too much of a worry wart. Thank you PetMD!”

CLICK HERE to ask petMD.

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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Do you petMD?

This February is pets month at Red Roof! At Red Roof, we love pets and they always stay FREE! During February, rather than the year-round 10% off that we offer to our pet travelers, we are offering 15% off! Not only that, but we are also doing some fun pet related activities including an Instagram Contest.


  • Dates: Feb 1-22, 2017
  • Rules: Follow @redroofinn on Instagram and share a photo of your pet with #RedRoofLuvsPets in the post for a chance to win up to $200 in Visa Gift Cards and 3 free nights at Red Roof. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on or around February 25th, 2017. CLICK HERE for more info.

At Red Roof, we also recommend using PetMD with your pet when traveling or just in general. PetMD is the perfect site to find answers to all of your pet health, wellness, and basic needs.

As pet parents, we all experience those heart sinking moments of wondering “Is there something wrong with my pet?”, “Is my best friend sick?”, “Should I take my pet to the vet?”. It would all just be easier if your pet could talk!

Well, there is a way to answer all of those questions! PetMD is the perfect app and site to use, whether you are looking for symptoms, nutrition facts, pet blogs and basically, anything on any type of pet!

PetMD is pet parenting made easier. Their app allows you to get FREE, vet-qualified answers about your pet in less than 24 hours. Plus, browse PETMD’s wide range of popular pet topics, create personalized pet profiles and locate your nearest vet.

It is definitely something Red Roof recommends to all pet parents out there, especially when on the road! We love all pets and want them to be the healthiest and happiest that they can be. 🙂

Download the app here.

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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#GoMoreGoBetter Summer 2016


summer 2016 #gomoregobetter contest

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still #GoMoreGoBetter with Red Roof!

Share with us your favorite travel memory so far from summer 2016 and use the hashtag #GoMoreGoBetter for a chance to win 1 of 3 prize packs. The prize packs include a $500 Visa Gift Card and 5 free nights at any Red Roof nationwide!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Follow @redroofinn on Instagram
  2. Share your favorite summer 2016 photo with #gomoregobetter in the post
  3. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on or around August 31st.

Dates: August 10th-31st, 2016

Click here for contest rules and more information.

Good luck to all and happy Summer 2016 Adventures!


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Discover Bowling Green, KY

Fantastic dining, beautiful state parks with caverns to explore, great shopping, thrilling automotive experiences (especially being the Home of the Corvette), great arts & entertainment, museums, history, sports and more! There is an adventure for everyone in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Check out these top, must-see attractions while in town:caverns

  • Beech Bend Park– Contains an amusement park,a water park, a drag-strip, an oval track for stock car racing and a campground. Find thrilling rides and exciting racing events that is fun for the whole family!
  • SKyPAC (Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center)- A multipurpose venue featuring plays, musicals, orchestral concerts and more. Click here for the calendar of events.
  • Lost River Cave– Go on an underground cave boat tour, kayaking cave tour, discovery cave crawl, treasure mining, hiking through the nature trails and more at the Lost River Cave.
  • National Corvette Museum Explore models and one-of-a-kind concept cars spanning the history of the Corvette in periodic settings.
  • Historic RailPark & Train Museum– Experience our nation’s transportation past. View interactive displays, galleries, rail car tours, a gift shop and more!
  • Mammoth Cave National Park– Go on cave tours of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world,  enjoy surface hikes, canoeing on the Green River, picnicking, horseback riding, bicycling, camping and more.
  • Sloan Convention Center– Experience concerts, meetings, conventions, weddings, dining and more. Click here for the events calendar.
  • Western Kentucky University– Visit a family member or a friend, explore the campus, or catch a sporting event at Western Kentucky University.
  • Bowling Green Ballpark Catch a baseball game at Bowling Green Ballpark, home to the Bowling Green Hot Rods of the Midwest League of minor league baseball. Click here for the game schedule.

When in Bowling Green, KY, make sure to get the most out of your travel experience by staying at a budget-friendly, pet-friendly Red Roof Inn. Red Roof Inn Bowling Green is located close to all the top attractions and is renovated with all new rooms featuring Flat Screen TVs, contemporary furniture, new bathrooms with granite countertops, a comfortable easy chair, a micro-fridge and free WiFi. It is also located just 2 miles away from the Bowling Green Warren County AirportBook now!

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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#GoMoreGoPets Instagram Giveaway

This February is Pet’s month at Red Roof Inn! At Red Roof, we love pets and they stay FREE! Not only are we offering 15% off this month to all our pet travelers, but we are also hosting this giveaway in honor of those who love their pets.

All you need to do is follow us on Instagram @redroofinn and share a photo of your pet with #GoMoreGoPets to be entered into our contest for a chance to win a grand prize of a year’s subscription with BarkBox and FREE Night Stays with us!

  • 1st place: 1 year subscription with BarkBox and 3 Free Night Certificates
  • 2nd place: 3 months subscription with BarkBox and 1 Free Night Certificate
  • 3rd place: 1 Free Night Certificate

Click here to learn more.

go more go pets

Good luck to all those who enter!


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BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville, TN!

We had a great time last week attending our first ever BlogPaws Conference! Thank you BlogPaws team and all the sponsors who made it happen and who provided us with this fantastic week. We met so many great people and their pets as well as enjoyed our time in Nashville, TN!

blog paws 3

Our booth at the conference. “You stay happy, pets stay free!”

blog paws 2

Exhibit hall!

blog paws 4

We enjoyed delicious ice cream on the first night.


We had a fantastic luncheon with these great bloggers! Thank you for coming!


We made a bunch of new friends!


Exploring Nashville was great! Broadway was filled with live country music everywhere! We also explored the Parthenon in Vanderbilt with the Athena statue.

It was great to meet every one of you!

It was great to meet every one of you!

Hope everyone had safe travels on the way home!


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Whats your story?

Whether traveling for family vacations, sporting events, pet competitions and hiking adventures; we have the stories. What is yours? Share your story today at gomoregobetter.com 

baseball fun

Rex Sox Training Camp! -Janet J

mountain adventure

My first trip out west was absolutely amazing! This is on top of Zion National park Utah. The view was well worth the 4miles up! -Christina R

beautiful view

This brings me back to an adventure with my husband on Oahu. We found this hike by accident but are so glad we did! Look at the view! #gomoregobetter. -Mary R











disney family travel

Downtown Disney! -Janet J


My friend and I strike a pose in front of the 360 Overlook bridge in Austin, TX. -Melanie M


Road Trip + Adventure +Family Fun + Getaway = Family Fun! -Sally J







pet travel

I show my odgs in agility. We travel all over and always are welcome at any Red Roof Inn! Thank-you Red Roof! -Pepi L

sun set

Island Community Church Easter Sunrise Service, Chesapeake Beach, Islamorada, Florida Keys. -Peter K


After a well played game. Relaxation is waiting with our accommodations at The Red Roof Inn. -Bristol F














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Pet Travel Tips

When traveling with your pet, it is very important to plan ahead to keep you and your best friend safe and comfortable on the road. Here are some helpful tips to follow that will make your travel experience a great one:

What to Bring:pet traveling

  • Pet carrier
  • Food
  • Water
  • Bowls for food and water
  • Leash or harness
  • Collar with tags
  • Baggies for cleanup
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Litter and litter box if traveling with your cat
  • Medical records

Helpful Tips:

  • Ensure your pet has a proper collar with up-to-date contact information.
  • Consider a first-aid kit with tweezers, gauze and antiseptic.
  • Keep a health certificate and photo of your pet with you while traveling.
  • Use a travel carrier or harness. It’s safest for your animal to be in a pet carrier or wearing a secured harness when traveling. Many pet-supply retails sell seat belt adapters, car seats and cargo barriers.
  • Never leave your pet in the car unattended.
  • Have frequent pit stops for exercise and bathroom breaks.

Remember when traveling, if you need a place to stay for the night, Red Roof Inn is a pet friendly hotel where we consider your pet part of the family and they always stay free! Don’t forget to save 15% during the month of February on your stay with us and to enter in our SPOTlight on Pet Travel Sweepstakes!

Safe travels to you and your pet!


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Celebrating Our Pet Travelers

At Red Roof Inn, we love pets and they always stay free! This month, as we celebrate our pet travelers, we have been asking our guests to upload pictures of their furry companion on spotredroof.com. We have been getting a ton of great photos of adorable pets! Here are the top 16 pictures from our guests that really made us smile! puppieskitties.jpg

To view more, go to spotredroof.com! Don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes while on the page! This month, pet travelers can also receive a discount of 15% when booking. Click Here to find out more.

Safe travels to you and your pet!


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Meet Louie, My New Kitten

My favorite Christmas present I got this year was my new kitten named Louie. As a major animal lover, I have always wanted my very own pet and I finally have one! Louie is 3 months old and I absolutely love him! He loves to play and he especially loves to cuddle in my lap. I love knowing that if I ever have to travel, I can bring Louie along when I stay at Red Roof Inn with no extra charge!



Here are some fun facts about cats I got off of Cat Time:

  1. The average cat sleeps 16-18 hours per day. (No wonder Louie loves cuddling in my lap most of the day!)
  2. Most cats are lactose intolerant and should not be given cow’s milk.
  3. A male cat is called a “Tom” and a female cat is called a “Queen.” (Louie is a Tom.)1419704639502
  4. Cats have more than 100 different vocal sounds. (Louie has a silent meow and a loud meow. He mostly wants food or attention when he meows.)
  5. Cats can run up to 30 miles per hour. (Louie runs this fast whenever there is a loud noise!)
  6. A cat can jump approximately seven times its height. (Right now, Louie can hardly jump up to my bed, but he is still growing!)
  7. A cat’s sense of smell is approximately 14 times greater than that of a human.
  8. Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw.
  9. Cats who fall five stories have a 90 percent survival rate.
  10. A cat’s whiskers aren’t just for show – they help cats detect objects and navigate in the dark, especially since cats cannot see in complete darkness, only at low light levels.
  11. Humans greet each other by shaking hands; cats greet one another by touching their noses together.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas just like I did and a great New Year’s! Make sure to follow the Red Roof dog, Mac, on twitter at @redroofmac.


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