Explore Kentucky’s Cave Capitol

If you love adventure, then Kentucky's Cave Capitol is the perfect place for a getaway. Experience the beautiful nature and parks surrounding the area or go underground and experience the world inside the caverns. With so many different types of outdoor adventures, you will never get bored. This is perfect for a family vacation, solo... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona is a beautiful place to visit. The weather is perfect and sunny with no humidity and the nature, wild life and landscapes are breathtaking! All around Arizona, you can find parks and trails to hike. Cacti are all around and some of them are triple my height! Sedona is just a few miles... Continue Reading →

Discover Bowling Green, KY

Fantastic dining, beautiful state parks with caverns to explore, great shopping, thrilling automotive experiences (especially being the Home of the Corvette), great arts & entertainment, museums, history, sports and more! There is an adventure for everyone in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Check out these top, must-see attractions while in town: Beech Bend Park– Contains an amusement park,a water... Continue Reading →

Experience Commerce, GA

The city of Commerce is a great place to go for a fun, relaxing getaway with the family. The city served as inspiration for Olive Ann Burns’ novel Cold Sassy Tree and visitors find the area as charming as the book. With shopping, restaurants and a train track down the center of town, visitors are... Continue Reading →

Explore Tupelo, Mississippi!

Tupelo, Mississippi, birthplace of Elvis Presley, is a great place to go not only if you are a fan of The King of Rock and Roll, but a great place to experience historic sites and beautiful nature trails for a nice, relaxing getaway. While in Tupelo, check out these beautiful and historic attractions: Tupelo National Battlefield and Brice's... Continue Reading →

Travel for Wellness

Many travelers are adopting wellness into their getaways, going out of their way to nurture their mind and body on vacation- from yoga retreats, cycling tours, hiking national state parks, kayaking and doing themed races. Here are a few ideas for your next wellness vacation: Kipralu Center for Yoga and Health- a great place to learn and... Continue Reading →

A Winter Story

Every year during the winter season from middle school to college, it was a tradition in my family to travel to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to celebrate Christmas. I have a lot of good memories in the Upper Peninsula during the holiday season that range from playing outside in the piles of snow to bundling... Continue Reading →

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