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New Red Roof Inn Rocks! – Sasha D.

The new renovations have really made a difference compared to our previous stays at Red Roof Inn.
My boyfriend and I were so impressed as soon as we walked into our room. The room smelled very nice (the aroma of good laundry). The floors were hardwood, which added to the sophistication. Rooms were very modernized with flat screen televisions and sleek furniture with easy sliding drawers. Bathrooms were clean and updated fixtures. Whereas, I did not personally find the sink appealing (since it looked much like a bowl), I found the storage underneath, very efficient to place all my personal hygiene products. Our entire room felt more like home, with the painted accent wall and colored shower curtain. Small things like that really made a difference.
Our bed, in a nutshell, was awesome. Super soft and comfortable, including the pillows. We didn’t want to leave the bed.
From this stay, we will definitely make sure we pick the newly renovated hotels.

A Travelers Good Grief – Frank G.

Two years ago the firm I work for expanded my territory requiring overnight stay in markets all around the state of Michigan. At first I was indiscriminate with the places I would book my stays; figuring they all had to be about the same…That was until my first stay at a Red Roof hotel.
After my first stay I was hooked. And found it easy to lodge for one night or several, choosing the Superior King at less cost increase than a meal at many fast food restaurants. So it was my intention to get one of these great business class rooms when I booked into the Ann Arbor location. “Good grief” is all I could say when I opened the door and surveyed a most luxurious accommodation. Everything from the dark wood furniture to the flat screen TV murmured “relax & refresh.” The very clean rooms even smelled like that of a luxury hotel. After dinner I was able to hit the books at a desk tricked out with all the power outlets I need to stay dialed in, and I was not interrupted at all by exterior noises.
When one looks at the very convenient locations just off many interstate express ways, the ease of booking a room, the gracious staff, and well kept grounds offering safe, affordable, and even luxurious accommodations…it is never a mystery where I am going to stay…just which Red Roof this week?

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