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Meeting Our Kids – John H.

We are a retired couple and live north of Indianapolis, IN….our only child, lives near Charlotte, NC…Several times a year, we meet him and his wife at the Charleston, West Virginia-Kanawha City Red Roof Inn …Ms. McCallister and her staff make our several days stay most pleasant…she tries to get us adjoining rooms and we enjoy our visit together there..some days..just renting movies. We will decorate the room w/holiday lights at Christmas or the doors w/Easter, Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration..t
This Inn is exactly half the way between both cities, and there are nice restaurants near by…we always look forward to these visits, and appreciate the accomodations and staff very much..

A Travelers Good Grief – Frank G.

Two years ago the firm I work for expanded my territory requiring overnight stay in markets all around the state of Michigan. At first I was indiscriminate with the places I would book my stays; figuring they all had to be about the same…That was until my first stay at a Red Roof hotel.
After my first stay I was hooked. And found it easy to lodge for one night or several, choosing the Superior King at less cost increase than a meal at many fast food restaurants. So it was my intention to get one of these great business class rooms when I booked into the Ann Arbor location. “Good grief” is all I could say when I opened the door and surveyed a most luxurious accommodation. Everything from the dark wood furniture to the flat screen TV murmured “relax & refresh.” The very clean rooms even smelled like that of a luxury hotel. After dinner I was able to hit the books at a desk tricked out with all the power outlets I need to stay dialed in, and I was not interrupted at all by exterior noises.

When one looks at the very convenient locations just off many interstate express ways, the ease of booking a room, the gracious staff, and well kept grounds offering safe, affordable, and even luxurious accommodations…it is never a mystery where I am going to stay…just which Red Roof this week?

Pittsburgh – Patrick P.

My family, our dog and I stayed at the Red Roof Inn in Pittsburgh. One of the first things my wife commented on when we walked into our room was the hard wood floors. It makes it feel more like home and also helps the cleaning staff keep up with the messes some animals (and people) can make. We were missing a shower curtain and when we let the front desk know, they were quick to respond and bring us one. Other then that the room was perfect. It was a warm day and someone had already turned the air conditioner on for us, so the room was nice and cool when we arrived. There were no stains on the sheets and there were enough towels for the three of us.

There was a small grassy area for guests to walk their dogs at the back of the hotel and it was very nicely kept up and clean. That was amazing since there was a dog show in town that weekend and there were a ton of dogs staying there with their owners.

For the hotel being in such a busy community, there was peace and quiet on the property. We have another reservation at the same location for October 5th through the 8th and my family and I very much look forwarding to the return visit.

Red Roof Revival – Patti B.

Wow!!! It is like being in the lap of luxury! I have been staying in Red Roof Inns for over 10 years, all over every inch of New England and New York, due to the fact that I am on the dog show circuit.

I am so thrilled by the changes, everything is so new and clean and upscale….it was absolutely a shock to walk into my first restored room.
thank you red roof for all the wonderful hospitality.

Wonderful – Susan P.

I was on the fence about staying, some of the reviews are bad, and others are only so-so. Figured it will be worth it, they PICK you up from
MIA, the hotel is minutes away, and shuttle runs like every 30 minutes or so. I was taking a cruise from port of Miami, and they have a free shuttle to that also. The hotel itself is beautiful, they have a new renovated hotel, room are huge, well kept and clean! Staff is helpful and friendly. I was given a free upgrade, due to past stays, but was not signed up for rewards. Ms. Stacie, at registration was a breeze to work with. I was not scheduled to stay the night on return from cruise, but did, and stayed with them again!! I would highly recommend this Red Roof Inn!! Thanks for the wonderful stay, and assistance to my final destination!

Red Roof and a Poodle – Jeanie L

We checked into the Red Roof San Antonio Riverwalk location on September sixth at about 8:30 at night with my husband and my poodle. I waited while the gentleman at the front desk patiently was trying to talk to two ladies from Asia (Japanese).

He was having a difficult time talking to them with their accent as well as they were talking so softly. Between he and I we finally figured out what they needed (I had an exchange student from that country) He was so nice to them
explaining that they had not made reservations with Red Roof so they would need to get with their whom ever had made their reservations. When he got to me he gave us complimentry parking for helping him with them. It
was truly my pleasure.

Our room was stunning. The bed was better than I have ever had in any hotel. Everything was decorated perfectly and the shower was amazing. My poodle was made to feel welcome (she is a well behaved quiet pet). We have been told we were not welcome with her in many hotels. we were
there because I was attending a workshop for my work. My husband called and said there was a problem with the reservation it did not have the
next day on it. It was my fault I had not checked it for the next day. Everyone was so nice about us staying an extra day. And when we checked out the next morning they told me they really enjoyed having my little poodle
with her pink ribbons in her ears.



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  1. The only PET friendly hotel in town (there were some others but wanted an arm and a leg for a pet fee, Red Roof did not charge a fee). We stayed at the Red Roof in Helen , GA. 10/28/2016. First is was beyond what we expected. Super nice, big clean room, WOOD floors so we did not have to worry about any accidents that may have happened. Comfy beds and linens. Nothing like other places up there that have horrible beds. The staff was wonderful and we just wanted everyone to know if you are going to Helen Ga stay here. Also it was not over $200.00 a night like almost ALL the other hotels up there. Very close to everything in town. Breakfast was great also.

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