Roll down the windows, turn it on up!

Summer is hands down my favorite season. What is better than warm weather, sunshine, beach vacations and of course concerts? Not much in my book! Columbus is finally getting the heat and blue skies and we also happen to be in the heart of some of the best country concerts around, I could not be... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Animals

As a twenty-something career gal, I find myself torn. Am I a cat person? Or am I a dog person? Unfortunately, the answer is not quite that simple…I am an all-animal loving person! Even as a young child, with my stuffed animals ranging from giraffes to gorillas to bunnies, and of course, the epitome of... Continue Reading →

See Spot Travel

I grew up around dogs. My parents are "dog people". I really did not now what that meant at the time and the dogs that came into my life as I was growing up where really more on the periphery of my concern. I knew they where there, they where always after me lucky charms... Continue Reading →

The Colors of the Rainbow…

Travel by definition is an act of movement. Moving your physical self from one location to another.  Working in the hospitality industry I am fortunate to have as a side effect of my profession the opportunity to travel, to quote Johnny Cash, “I’ve been everywhere man”. I will give you a moment to sing a... Continue Reading →

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