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I grew up around dogs. My parents are "dog people". I really did not now what that meant at the time and the dogs that came into my life as I was growing up where really more on the periphery of my concern. I knew they where there, they where always after me lucky charms... Continue Reading →


Our lives can be summed up in numbers.  Our families. 2 Brothers. Our pets. 1 Dog. Our travels. 2750 Miles last year.  Numbers play an intricate part in helping us keep track of the things we have seen, the people we have met and the accomplishments we have achieved. Now before you think I am... Continue Reading →

A sharing day’s a happy day

Thanksgiving has come to an end and the holiday season is in full swing. Starbucks has their holiday cups out, holiday songs are being played on the radio, and everywhere you look there is an opportunity to partake in this season of giving by helping those less fortunate. The concept of giving to those in... Continue Reading →

Black Friday and a special treat for you!

Here at Red Roof we are celebrating Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season with several festivities including a special treat for you! A holiday is not complete without decorations, food, parties, and sales lots of sales. To throw the perfect Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner visiting the sales at your favorite bargain stores... Continue Reading →

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