Holiday Travel Season Facts

From planes and trains to automobiles and hotels, industry research finds that American travelers often have to compromise on cost or convenience in order to make the most of holidays. At Red Roof, we find that small adjustments can make a big difference in how consumers experience their holidays. Before planning your holiday trip, check out the following facts to improve your travels:

Flights are pricey – Airfares during the holiday travel period begin to increase about $1 per day at the beginning of November and spike as high as $10 per day during the final two weeks before Thanksgiving.

Americans love road tripping – More than 93 million travelers hit the road in 2016 and drove to their holiday destinations, saving on expensive airfare, unwanted luggage fees and long lines at the airport. Since gas prices are predicted to continue declining through autumn, a road trip will be a fun and cost-efficient way to make priceless memories this holiday season.

Flexibility Saves – Approximately 35 million Americans plan on staying at a hotel this holiday season and most of them will be checking in and out on the same dates. However, if you’re able to, choosing departure and return dates further away from the holiday will produce more savings when booking.

Travelers trek further during the December holidays – When Americans hit the road or take to the skies for late December travel, they journey more than 60 miles longer on average than they do over Thanksgiving, 275 miles in late December versus 214 miles for Thanksgiving.

Travel isn’t always the biggest expense – For many, the biggest expense during the holiday season is buying gifts for all their loved ones. While 43% of travelers say that travel is their largest holiday expense, nearly equal 41% said that gifts are their most expensive purchases during the season. For those generous folks, budget-friendly accommodations keep more money in their pockets for big-ticket gift purchases.

Warm weather rules – Travelers can’t get enough of the sun during the holidays. While the always enticing New York City did manage to crack the top five, the other most popular destinations for holiday travel last year were Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego and Anaheim.

Have Dogs: Will Travel – Pets are part of the family too! According to a national survey, nearly 40 percent of pet owners bring their dogs with them on vacation as it wouldn’t be the holidays without everyones furry friend along for the ride. At Red Roof, pets stay free!

Safe travels and happy holiday adventures!


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