2017 Travel Trends

Make 2017 a year of  adventure! Red Roof is helping all travelers achieve their travel goals by staying on top of a few of the 2017 hottest travel trends. A few of the travel trends are as follows:

  1. seniors-barker-template99% of seniors expected to take at least one trip in 2017, while the majority of their domestic trips are anticipated in Florida and California in spring and summer.* Red Roof is senior-friendly, offering travelers are 59+ 10% off – a great stay every day! The brand has 29 locations in Florida and 25 in California, including Naples, Miami, San Diego and San Francisco!
  2. riverThe river cruising boom continues, with a growing number of itineraries filled with scenery and history.* Popular options for a spontaneous weekend getaway, that include river cursing include:
  3. Travelers will vacation more within their home state,* and they’re looking to get active and engage in more physical activities like hiking, cycling or rafting.* To make active travel easier, each Red Roof property’s website has its own Experience Page that provides super-localized guides allowing travelers to teach experience in the local area.

Experience Red Roof 2

Safe travels and happy adventures!




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