Summer Travel Fun Facts

Use the following useful travel facts when planning your next getaway to help make the most out of your experience:

Experience Red Roof 2

  • 1 out of 5 travelers will vacation within their home state. (Found here.) Plan a spontaneous weekend getaway this summer and get the most out of your travel experience by staying at a budget-friendly and pet-friendly Red Roof.
  • Spending money on new experiences (for example, vacations, concerts, festivals etc.) yields more satisfaction and happiness than spending on material goods. (Found here.)
  • Vacationers get a boost from looking forward to a holiday and trip length doesnt affect travelers happiness levels. (Found here.) So aim for more frequent and shorter getaways throughout the year over one long vacation.
  • Top leisure travel activities for U.S. domestic travelers are: 1) visiting relatives; 2) shopping; 3) visiting friends; 4) fine dining; and 5) beaches. (Found here.)
  • Studies show that traveling together strengthens family bonds; 60% of children say they feel closer to their grandparents after a vacation together. (Found here.) Bring grandma and grandpa on the next trip!
  • 75% of Americans don’t use up all of their vacation days. On average, Americans use only half of their vacation days because of too much work. (Found here.) So why not make full use of each business trip by adding one of two leisure days.
  • California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas and New York are the states that consume the most ice cream. (Found here.) Top selling ice cream flavors are vanilla, with 33% of the market, and chocolate with 19%. (Found here.)

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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