Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

In celebration of Earth Day this Friday, here are some Eco Friendly tips to follow when you travel:

Earth day

  1. Eat local. Find a farmer’s market or street stall and eat what the locals eat. The food will most likely be locally grown and sourced. You also get to support local communities and their needs.
  2. Ask when you check in that your sheets and towels not be changed every day.
  3. Limit energy use- Don’t forget to turn off the lights and air conditioner / heater when you leave the hotel room.
  4. Respect the local environment. Stay on trails and public footpaths; do not remove plants or feed animals; and never litter.
  5. Conserve water. Take showers rather than baths; use a refillable water container. Minimize your use of detergents to wash linen, and reuse your hotel towels and bed linen.
  6. Recycle and reduce. Recycle newspapers, magazines and your beverage containers and reduce the number of bags, napkins and disposable cups you use when you eat fast food.
  7. Choose environmentally friendly transport. Choose other ways to get around like taxis, trains, buses or rent bikes. Don’t forget your feet!

Safe Travels and Happy Adventures!


Sources: http://www.ryot.org/10-eco-friendly-travel-tips/201505 and http://wwf.panda.org/how_you_can_help/live_green/travel/on_vacation/

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