Lights, Camera, REDI! Red Roof’s 2015 Brand Conference!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Red Roof’s 2015 Brand Conference the best one yet! Here are a couple of videos that capture 2 of our themed nights that took place during the conference.

Day 1: Hollywood themed night! We had special guests attend, including Jack Sparrow, Austin Powers, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, the Wolf Pack from “The Hangover” and more!

Day 2: Bollywood!

Since the theme of the conference was Hollywood, all the Break Out Presentations and General Session Presentations given were centered on a movie. Here are some of the movies we got to see:

  • RediCard and RediBill was presented with the movie “Ghostbusters”! ghost busters 2
  • Revenue Management was presented with “Rocky”.rocky 1
  • Quality/ Design and Construction used “Wizard of Oz” (AAHHHS) as their theme.wizard of ahhs 1
  • Training and HR used “Toy Story”.toy story 1
  • Finance presented with the movie “Men in Black”.men in black
  • Legal/Risk movie theme was “Batman”!batman - Copy
  • Andy Alexander did a fantastic Brand Update Presentation to the movie “Back to the Future” where he took us all the way back to when Red Roof first opened in 1973. He then proceeded to go through time and talk about how Red Roof is doing now. He even took us to the future!back to the future 1 - Copy back to the future - Copy
  • Phil Hugh talked about Red Roof Inn’s Franchisees, Owners, GM”s and the best practices through his skit, “Field of Dreams”! If you manage it, they will come! If you expand it, they will come!field of dreams 1 - Copy field of dreams - Copy
  • Finally, the Marketing and Sales team did their update on promotions, contests, sales stats, RediCard stats, social media updates and more using the movie “Star Wars”!star wars

I can’t wait to see what the next Brand Conference will bring us! I would like to again thank all the vendors, sponsors, franchisees, employees and everyone who took part in helping make all this possible!


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