David Hostetler; Final Blog

Red Roof Inn
7340 Plantation Road
Pensacola, Fla. 32504

Aug. 30, 2015

I have reached the final stop on my “Cross Country Red Roof Inn Tour” in Pensacola, Florida. Thus, I am writing my final blog entry for this trip.  I plan to stay an extra day here to do some visiting.  I needed a break from the view of the windshield.  Why not here in the Cradle of Naval Aviation?  After 12 hours of travel, Toni, the desk clerk, greeted me with the southern hospitality common in the Floribama region of the Gulf Coast.  She followed up with a call to the room about 30 minutes later.

A King Room with microwave and refrigerator, I am in good shape for my two-day stay here.  The hotel is nestled away in a professional park setting providing a very quiet room for sleeping.  It is close to restaurants and shopping as well as the Interstate.  A breakfast restaurant across the parking lot provided a great way to start the morning.

My Navy training causes me to pause at this point and review the plan, the execution of the plan and how it may be improved.  I smile to myself when I learned the Navy way of planning is to start by saying, ‘How did we do it last time?”  Since this was the first time, I had made my best attempt.  The plan was solid and set a very high standard for the next execution.  Planning out the distances and estimating the driving time each day could use some tweaking.  I might change the 12 hour drive to two days if possible next time.  THAT was a long day.  At least it was daylight driving only.  Safety for you, your family and everyone on the road around you is most important.

Staying in the same hotel chain provided an expected level of service and quality every night, regardless of the location. I was pleased on all four stops.  It began to feel like I was staying in the same place, but was actually progressing along.  Familiarity with the property and the décor helped, but the constant factor across the country was the pleasant professional staff who serve you at the Red Roof Inn.

I am aware that different military services have different and sometimes more methodical ways of planning operations and missions.  All are very effective upon execution.  My advice is to plan your trip.  Including Red Roof Inn worked well for my plan.  It may do the same for you.  “How did we do it last time?”  I know how I did it…and I can confidently say: “Mission Accomplished!”

In closing:  If you have ever donned a uniform to serve your city, state or country, Please accept my sincere gratitude for what you and your family have done.

Executed a plan with minimal changes.

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