Travel with guest blogger and veteran, David Hostetler- On to El Paso, Texas!

David Hostetler; Blog Input #2

Red Roof Inn
7530 Remcom Circle
El Paso, TX 79912

August 27, 2015

I completed my stay at Red Roof Inn-Tucson with continued superb service from the front desk staff including Don, Antonio and Mayra.  Top-notch service.  I checked out in the late morning and started my trek across eastern Arizona, New Mexico and on to El Paso, Texas.

A few thoughts came to mind as I drove out of the desert into the high plains of New Mexico.  In a time that we are quick to fly from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, I am reminded and impressed on how vast this country is.  Looking out and being able to see mountains that are 18-20 miles away is truly impressive.  As a Navy veteran, I am used to seeing the sky meet the flat ocean on the horizon.  But to look to my left and see the sky touching the flat surface of the earth I am awestruck. The other thought that comes to mind on days such as these is this.  Those who settled the American west did so on covered wagons, horseback or on foot and not in air conditioned vehicles sitting on cushioned seats listening to their favorite music.  They covered maybe 15 miles in a day, while we cover 75 in an hour.  Their resilience will always be a constant reminder of how tough our fore fathers were.  Needless to say, they didn’t have a reservation at a Red Roof Inn waiting at the end of the day’s travels.

As the plant life around the freeway slowly turned from brown to green, I knew I was leaving the desert and getting closer to Texas.  I arrived at the Red Roof Inn in El Paso and was pleased to find it easily accessible from the interstate and nestled within numerous restaurants and shopping venues.  (Economical shopping right across the street if you want to stock up on snacks for the road.)

The front desk clerk, Ivan, greeted me and was soon joined by the manager, Ernie, to welcome me.  Ivan immediately completed my check-in and


helped me with some paperwork that needed emailing to San Diego.  That was completed before I even went to my room.

As for the room, I tried a different type this evening.  Known as the “Center King” it was in superb material condition and immaculate.  With a king-sized bed, as the name connotes, it has a business desk, a dinette table with two chairs, two stuffed chairs, along with the other items found in a standard room.  It also has two climate control units to allow different temperatures in different parts of the room.

In my opinion, this is ideal for the business traveler staying for a week or longer or anyone who enjoys the extra space.  My dog, Susie, surely enjoyed it. She fell asleep about an hour ago (on the floor, of course)! It was an extremely comfortable and quiet with easy access to the elevator.

After a very restful night’s sleep, Susie and I are ready for the day’s journey.  Next stop, The Riverwalk in San Antonio.  Until then…

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