Visit Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls is a definite must-see and great place to go for a fun weekend getaway. Not only can you watch the falls from afar, but you can get right up into the falls as well.

The Maid of the Mist is a boat ride that takes you right up close to the falls where you can feel, like the name states, the mist and water of the falls. You are given a poncho so you don’t get soaked. The boat takes you right in the middle of the Horseshoe Falls where it is a spectacular view and a great experience you will never forget.

Horseshoe Falls
Maid of the Mist boat

With the Cave of Winds, you get to climb up a stairwell that is right next to the falls. In fact, you are so close to the falls that they spill over the stairwell and you are sometimes walking up through a current of water. Though you are given a poncho, you still get pretty soaked, so make sure to bring a change of clothes! I definitely recommend a camera that is able to get wet so you can take a bunch of great pictures as well.

If you look closely, you can see the boardwalk for the Cave of Winds that goes directly next to the falls.

There are also other great things to do and see like the Aquarium of Niagara for a great sea lion show or the Niagara Adventure Theater for an IMAX movie about the legends of the falls.

During my weekend getaway there, we also made a stop at The Silo, a restaurant with a spectacular view right on the river that was on the show Man V. Food! Adam tries the Haystack and made it sound absolutely delicious on the show, so of course I had it too and it was great!

While visiting the falls, there are also a few Red Roof’s nearby that you can stay at to get the most out of your travel experience.

Safe travels and happy adventures!


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