10 things to do during Spring

Spring is just around the corner with the official start date beginning on March 20th! With spring being so close, the snow beginning to melt and warmer weather coming our way, it’s a great time to plan a list of things to do during this beautiful season.

  1. Plant something green- Start a garden with beautiful flowers, vegetables or plant a tree.
  2. Have a picnic- With cherry blossoms and flowers blooming everywhere, spring time is perfect for a picnic.
  3. Go for a much needed run or a hike outside once the snow is gone and the weather is beautiful.
  4. When going out to eat, sit outside on the patio.
  5. Go to a park- Feed the ducks at the pond, fly a kite, lay in the sun or toss a ball around.
  6. Spring cleaning- Go through your closet and find clothes that you can donate while getting your spring clothes and open toed shoes out for the season.
  7. Play in the rain- It does tend to rain a lot during the spring, but you know what they say- April showers bring May flowers.
  8. Open all the windows in your house or car while driving and let the spring breeze in.
  9. Plan a trip to a zoo, a conservatory or a baseball game once the season starts.
  10. Plan a spring vacation and travel! At Red Roof, we want you to get more out of your travel experience by staying and saving with us! With the money you save, you can do more during this spring season!

Don’t forget, during the month of March, you can also register to receive double points on every stay and earn a free night faster!


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