Red Roof Inn Winter Activities

This winter, Red Roof Inn Corporate has been filled with holiday spirit over all of the winter activities that took place during December. Here is a summary of all the activities that happened. They can also give you ideas for winter activities that you can host next year!:

  • Stocking decorating! We all got to participate in making a festive stocking to hang on our cubicles to collect goodies throughout December.

    Craft time!
  • We asked for people to send us pictures of their pets dressed up in their holiday wear on Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #MyFestivePet in the post. Here is a collection of pictures we received:pets
  • We had our annual Christmas Party, which had a casino theme! We had so much fun playing Black Jack, Roulette, Wheel of Fortune and more! Lucky raffle winners got to walk away with great prizes, including a Las Vegas prize pack!
  • party
    Eat, drink and be merry!
  • Pajama Day! Everyone in the office got to come in to work wearing their pajamas! That was a very easy day to get ready for work. We just rolled out of bed in our pajamas! 🙂 pajamas!
  • Holiday cookie bake-off! Once again, the Maple Bacon Cookie took the win! Look at my Cookie Hop blog post for the recipe!IMG_0164
  • White Elephant Gift exchange! Everyone in the office brought in gifts (mostly gag gifts) and we got to do 3 rounds of exchanges before we opened them.weg
  • Santa came in to Red Roof and we got to take pictures with him and tell him what we wanted for Christmas! No, you are never to old to sit on Santa’s lap.santa
  • We helped to surprise a fellow coworker whose son came home for the holidays.homecoming
  • We filled our giving trees with toys, clothes and canned goods, which we donated to charities in need, like Toys For Tots, Mid Ohio Food Bank and the YMCA Family Center!trees toy tree
  • Mac, the Red Roof Inn dog made a twitter account, @redroofmac,  so make sure to follow him and stay in touch with how his day has been, including the towel fights he has and his fashion updates on the handkerchiefs that he wears.

    Indeed, I do have a thing for kerchiefs.
    Indeed, I do have a thing for kerchiefs.

Don’t forget to follow @RedRoofInn on Instagram to stay in touch with our events, holiday decor, guest posts, attractions, travel quotes and pet pictures!

Wishing everyone a holiday filled with fun, cheer, love and happiness,


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