Red Roof Gives Back

Since November is the month to give back, Red Roof Inn had the pleasure of donating to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank $1,500 worth of canned goods! We also held our annual canned sculpture building contest at Mid-Ohio Food Bank with the cans we were donating. We were split into 5 teams to build a sculpture with a movie theme.


This team received first place and took on The Lion King theme. They sculpted the opening scene where the animals are all surrounding Rafiki holding Simba on top of the cliff. A circle is surrounding the scene representing the Circle of Life.


This team received second place where they took on the Jaws movie theme. They did the shark fin and a boat off to the side and wrote out ‘Jaws’.


This team took on the Wizard of Oz movie theme. They made the yellow brick road leading to the green castle where the wizard lives.


My team took on the Forrest Gump movie theme. We made the bench where Forrest sits telling his stories and put chocolate on it representing his saying “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” We also put in front F <3’s J, meaning Forrest loves Jenny.


This team did a Red Roof Inn theme where they wrote out Ohio, Wow and PLUS.

Remember, with Thanksgiving coming up next week, we should be thankful for everything we have; our family, friends, job, and the food we are able to eat everyday. Some people are not as lucky as you or me and may not be able to eat every day, including children.

69% of the people Mid-Ohio Food Bank serves has to choose between food and utilities and 55% have to choose between food and paying rent/mortgage.

No one should go hungry. Fight hunger and give back. The Mid-Ohio Food Bank will accept any food or money donation. Just $1 can provide 4 meals to a family.

DSC_0199Thank you Mid-Ohio Food Bank for having us and judging the sculpture contest! Happy early Thanksgiving from Red Roof Inn to you!


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