Giving Thanks

November is the month of Thanksgiving, so don’t forget to give thanks! There are many things that I am thankful for, like my family, friends, job, cat, apartment and so on. What I am most thankful for though, are my memories growing up and spending time with my family.

Some of the many fond memories that I have growing up have to do with Thanksgiving in Michigan with my whole family. Every year we would travel up to Michigan for two different feasts. One with my mom’s side on the actual day of Thanksgiving, and the other on my dad’s side on our way home. Needless to say, we felt like stuffed turkeys after two delicious feasts!

One Thanksgiving that really sticks out to me was when we were around 6 or 7 years old and our Uncle Joe was hosting Thanksgiving on my mom’s side that year. My siblings and I were really excited because we loved hanging out with our cousins and our Uncle Joe’s house was in a nice neighborhood by a nice trail that we would take a walk on after feasting. I remember we had a whipped cream fight with all the whipped cream that was on top of the pies during dinner and we all got in trouble for it.

family thanksgiving

After the meal, we decided to go around the neighborhood and knock on doors to sing Thanksgiving carols. Yes, you heard right, Thanksgiving carols. My mom was a preschool teacher so she taught us a lot of songs that had to do with thanksgiving. At every door we went to, the family inside seemed to enjoy our silly songs. We even made a few bucks from it! I would never do that again, but as little kids, families probably thought we were either really cute or really obnoxious. I will always look back at that memory and smile!

What are you most thankful for? Don’t forget to set some time aside this Thanksgiving to let those who you love know how important they are to you. At Red Roof Inn, we are thankful for all the families and guests that stay with us every year.

Safe travels to everyone who is driving or flying out to their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving this year! Remember to look for a Red Roof Inn where ever you are traveling to for a great, low budget rate!

Happy early Thanksgiving!


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