Creating Memories One Stop At a Time

Sometimes the best part of getting to your vacation destination is the travel experience and the memories created from getting to or from your location.

Normally when traveling with my family, my dad is the driver and he just wants to get to the location. He hates stopping, whether for bathroom breaks or meals. When asked to stop for a bathroom break, his response is always, “just hold it for another 10 minutes” or “I promise we will stop at the next exit” even though what he really means is in the next 10 exits.

Growing up as a quadruplet really helped to shape my past travel experiences in my mind as hectic, squished and long. My mom always over packed causing us to complain during the drive, but when we got to our location, we were always thankful she over packed for she always managed to bring extras of things we would forget, like socks, tooth brushes, hair spray etc. Sitting in the back with my siblings, there was a 90 percent chance that a fight would break out during the trip, whether it was because someone was taking up too much room or they had crossed that invisible seat line that was never allowed to be crossed.

Though my past travel experience may not seem all that glamorous, it still is a good family memory in my mind. The time I really got to enjoy my travel experience though was when I was in middle school and my mom drove my siblings and I home from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My family has a cabin in the UP where we would vacation for a week or more back when we were in school and had summer and winter breaks.

This time, instead of rushing to get home, we took our time stopping at many interesting places in the UP. The first place we stopped was just on the side of the road to enjoy beautiful Lake Michigan. We relaxed in the sand and waded in the crystal clear waters of the Great Lake.Great Lake

We then stopped at a little lighthouse where the walls, floor and ceiling were completely covered in signatures, quotes and drawings. My siblings and I of course had to make our mark on the lighthouse as well.

SAK2 stands for Sam, Abbie, Katie and Kerrie- All the sibs!
SAK2 stands for Sam, Abbie, Katie and Kerrie- All the sibs!

We then stopped at The Mystery Spot. Here is a sneak peak of what it is, but you should really check out the mystery yourself! Mystery Spot

Our next stop was the Weird Michigan Wax Museum. It really should have been called the Wax Room for there were only around 10 wax figures. Not worth the $20 we spent to get in, but defiantly worth a good laugh.

The wax figures were very creepy!
The wax figures were very creepy!

Next was Sea Shell City, which just turned out to be a store filled with every kind of shell you can imagine. I ran around the whole store, holding up every large shell I could get my hands on to my ear so I could hear the ocean. Sea Shell City

We then stopped for lunch at a pasty shop. For those of you who don’t know, a pasty is like a calzone filled with meat and potatoes. It is absolutely delicious! Especially when you can dip it in gravy or hot sauce.

The Mackinac Bridge
The Mackinac Bridge

Our final stop was Mackinac City (pronounced mac-in-aw) for some shopping and some famous fudge before we continued on our way home.

My experience and memories remind me that sometimes we should slow down, not rush through the day, and take the time to smell the roses. Create memories not only at the vacation destination, but on the way there. Treat the travel as the vacation and make it a fun experience to never forget. You will eventually get to where you are going, so why not make the best of it? Explore the world around you while you have the chance.

At Red Roof Inn, we really want you to make the most of every travel experience, which is why we offer rooms at competitive, low budget rates.

Safe travels to you all and remember to keep your adventurous spirit alive by exploring every place you can!


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