October Fun

As September comes to an end, I am starting to get really excited about all the festivities that happen in October. October is my favorite month. The leaves start to change colors, boots and sweaters get pulled out of storage, pumpkin drinks and goodies are everywhere, football season is in play, and more importantly, Halloween preparations start to take place! From spooky decorations, to costumes to plan, free candy during trick-or-treating (though sadly I am too old to trick-or-treat now), tv shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story start up again, and there are pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and of course haunted houses to attend- who doesn’t love Halloween?!

This year, I plan on putting on my brave girl boots and actually attending some of the haunted houses my friends always go too. Though a lover of scary movies, I am not a lover of haunted houses. I hate being chased, even when its just being chased by a sibling or friend for fun. I especially hate being chased by a creepy guy in a mask with a chainsaw in his hands. That does not sound like a blast to me, though it may be a great workout. This year though, its time to face my fears and sign up for one of the creepiest, scariest haunted house in Columbus, Ohio: The Haunted Hoochie. Check out their website and you will agree with me that it seems super creepy. Hopefully I won’t chicken out!

What are some of the haunted houses you will be attending this year for Halloween? We would love to hear about the haunted houses you have been to and the experience you had! If you are traveling during October, Red Roof Inn is a great place to stay within budget so you can get more out of your Halloween traveling experiences.

Safe travels and have a spooky October!


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