Out with the Old and in with the New: Summer Travel

When I was younger, my family took several trips to Orlando, Florida. The first couple years we went we drove the 16 long hours to Florida. Most of our road trips were to Disney World and as a young girl I couldn’t wait to be there and didn’t have much patience for the long ride. We had a 13 inch television with a VHS player in the back of our big blue van. Before every long road trip my parents would hide a new VHS tape in the van for my sister and I to find. We watched the new VHS on repeat till we got to our destination. We traveled down to Florida with my Aunt and Uncle. We had a CB radio (before cell phones were a thing). It was a lot of fun to talk to them throughout the trip. We all had fun code names to talk to each other on the radio. I think I changed my code name every trip according to my favorite fairytale princess!
tbt disney vaca

Technology has made traveling so much easier with smart phones and tablets. You can have play games, watch movies, and figure out where you are going all from one device.

Red Roof Inn is preparing to launch our new mobile app. This will be a one stop shop while you’re traveling this summer! You can look for an inn and make a reservation when you need a break in the road trip and there are tons of travel games to keep the kids or “big kids” entertained. Check out a sneak peak of the images below.

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