As we head in to spring, I am looking forward to sunshine, pretty pastel colors, and spending much more time outside. They say that more Vitamin D (from the sun) makes you happier. This winter has been terrible in Ohio with lots of snow and several days under 0 degrees. I have been looking forward to spring since December. I find myself so much happier sitting on my porch rather than inside.

This year I have seen tons of post on Social Media with the hashtag “100daysofhappy.” I looked up what all this is about. 100daysofhappy challenges participants to share a happy moment in their day every day for 100 days. It doesn’t have to be a huge life changing moment, it can be as small as taking a picture of a great dessert you had or spending time with a friend or taking your dog for a walk. Reading about the challenge I thought about my life, my typical day involves 8 hours at work then coming home and heading to the gym to make it to a spinning class, scarfing down some dinner and cleaning or relaxing before I go to be to do it all over again. Even though my days are pretty busy and routine I can think of moments where I smiled or enjoyed being in the moment. Whether that is laughing about something with coworkers or friends, spending time relaxing on my porch on a nice evening, or playing with my cat before bed. Participating in the 100daysofhappy will make me stop in those moments and appreciate the things around me, the people I am with, or the things I am doing. I challenge you as well to 100daysofhappy. Even if you don’t post in Social Media, you could write it in a journal or discuss your happy moments at dinner as a family. Find out more info here #100daysofhappy.

Red Roof Inn will even get you started on your day 1 of 100. We are having some extra savings during the weekend of April. Enjoy 20% off select Red Roof Properties and RediCard members will receive 250 bonus points on your first stay April 17-20th. We also have a contest going on enter to win a Grand prize trip to the Country Music Awards! 4 Second place prize of 1 $500 Visa gift card. Find the hidden eggs on Red Roof Inn’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Website and enter to win! Find more info about the contest below and a link to book your stay!

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