Juice Clense Failure

Like many Americans, my New Year’s resolution was to get healthier in 2014. I have been eating clean and working out about 6 days a week. I actually started my resolution in November doing a 12-week exercise program and have 2 weeks left! I have been doing well other than a few slip-ups around the holidays. It is just hard to resist all those sweets and you got to enjoy life a little too, right?

I also have been looking into and wanting to try a juice cleanse for about a month. I did some research on doing a juice cleanse. With original high hopes of doing a 5 day juice cleanse I settled on doing a 1 day juice cleanse (if you read the title of this blog you can see why I am happy now I didn’t try a 5 day cleanse). I choose to do my Juice cleanse after I got back from San Antonio. I had been eating out a lot and I thought it would a great time to flush all that processed food out of my system.
Juice colllage

I bought six Suja Juices from Whole Foods. Suja Juices have a one day, three day, and five day juice cleanse program. Here is a fair warning juice cleanses are not the most budget friendly activities in the book. The juices I bought were about seven dollars a bottle but they are full of organic vegetables and some fruits. The juices are full of flavor and range from drinking a salad to drinking the milk at the bottom of your bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch once the cereal is all gone.

So why did I fail? I got four juices in and it was about 5 pm. I had two juices left to drink. Truthfully, I wasn’t hungry. The juices are full of veggies, which means a bunch of nutrients that did fill me up. I honestly think I just missed chewing. The worst part about the whole adventure is what I failed with. I ate a piece of toast…that’s it. To be honest, I do really love toast but I still feel like I should have made it worth it and eaten a pizza or something.
Even though I did fail, I did feel great the next day. I felt a less bloated and felt like I had a little more energy. I am happy I did it and what makes me feel better about the juice cleanse was that I started with one day and didn’t shoot for the moon right away with a 5 day cleanse. Even though my first juice cleanse didn’t go as planned I would definitely try again. I am not going to run out and buy a juicer or the whole organic produce section at the grocery store but I would give it a go again. This time I might try to do it on a weekday while I am at work and a little bit more distracted from my love of toast.

What are your resolutions?

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