Fall in ohio

Like many Ohioans, my favorite season is fall. I love the changing colors of the leaves, the perfect autumn weather, apple cider, and of course a winning Ohio State Buckeye season. This weekend, I spent some time enjoy the fall festivities at the Smith’s Fall Festival in Columbus, Ohio. They had live music, plenty of delicious food, and lots of activities for children. They had a wide variety of Ohio grown pumpkins, corn, apples, and potatoes for purchase.PUMPKIN Smith’s Fall Festival had tons of pumpkins, great for carving, decoration, or cooking. They had huge pumpkins, too. I had to examine a few to believe the pumpkins were real. I ended up getting some fresh apples and one of my favorite fall drinks, an apple cider slushy. They also had some pre-made food that you could get to enjoy while listening to the live band, anything from funnel cakes to hot dogs to sweet corn.

Smith’s had tons of things for kids to do. They had a face painting, pumpkin decorating, and making your own scarecrow. There were a few live animals that you could feed or pet, including an adorable bunny.
Sarah 009One of my favorite activities they had was their “corn box.” It was the same idea as a sand box expect with corn kernels. I thought it was a cool idea and very appropriate for the setting.

Smith’s also had some local vendors at the festival selling their homemade crafts or food.
Attending festivals is a great way to support local businesses. When I am traveling I always like to look and see what is going on in the city, one time I attended a parade of the National Jugglers Association while traveling. If you are traveling on a limited budget an event like this would be a great way to spend an afternoon. Staying at a Red Roof Inn is another great way if you are watching your budget. A lot of our inns have undergone next-gen renovations, so you will definitely be getting a lot of bang your buck. – Sarah

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