A Cat with Ties to Royalty

photoGrowing up I have had a dog just about all my life, sometimes between my parents and my sister, we had two or three in our house. After graduating college and moving out of the house into my own apartment something was missing. I had gotten used to coming home and being greeted by a dog my whole life and without that my one bedroom apartment was feeling pretty lonely.

Upon getting a job that would allow me the opportunity to travel a lot also came the realization a dog was not in my future anytime soon. My dream has been to get a Corgi once I had gotten my own place. The big ears and short legs just make my heart melt. I know being 24 moving to a new city with a lot of new experiences and traveling for work would not allow me the time a puppy would need. So after moving in to my apartment realizing I felt a bit lonely, I got my first cat.

My family never had a cat when I was growing up because of my Dad’s allergy and I grew up disliking cat due to my Aunt and Uncle’s not so friendly feline friend named Mo. Mo lived mainly in the closet of my Aunt’s home, my sister and I loving animals the way we did desperately wanted to be friends with Mo. However, when we offered a friendly pet or cuddle we were often rewarded with a scratch, hiss, or worse getting bit.

As I got older my dislike for cats became less and less as I was introduced to friend’s cats I learned not every cat is as grumpy as Mo. Knowing that cats were a little more independent and self-sufficient than a dog I know this was probably a much better option for me. The hunt for a cat had begun after about two nights unpacking alone in my apartment.

All of a sudden I found myself at the local cat shelter wondering through cats on the floor, on chairs, on cat beds, and in cages. I found myself making friends with a beautiful grey cat that had the most amazing green blue eyes. The shelter had named her Janny. She was so calm for being around so many other cats, Janny was friendly, she let me hold and pet her, and was extremely playful mostly with a bell connected to a pipe cleaner on her cage. After several frantic texts to friends about 20 minutes later, I was walking out with Janny. After having her for a few days and several name changes her name was officially changed to Pippa. Yes – she is named after Kate Middleton’s sister. After waking up at 3:30am two summers ago to see Kate and Will’s wedding, I have developed a love for the Royal Family. I even have an imitation of the sapphire engagment ring!

After the shock of holy cow I have a cat, Pippa and I have been getting a lot great. She is very playful and after a long day loves to cuddle up with me on the couch. She has a little bit of an independent streak in her which seems to be working fine with my relatively busy schedule.

It is nice to know that although I will be traveling solo from time to time I can stay at a Red Roof and bring Pippa along with no extra fee. I am sure Pippa will love to sleep in the sunny spots of my car as we travel to the next Red Roof Inn and exploring a new hotel room once we arrive.


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