These are a few of my favorite things…

I’ve always considered myself as someone who does not follow the crowd – I march to the beat of my own drum, and with that said (partnered with the gorgeous weather we’ve recently had in Columbus which is indicative of a delightful Indian Summer) … I am so ready for fall weather, Buckeye football, cute riding boots and capelets. I know what you’re thinking “has she lost her mind?” and the answer is a big, fat NO.

The fall season includes all of my favorite things: a Big Ten championship (in the bag, Buckeyes!), apple picking, Halloween (my favorite holiday), and boots and booties galore! What more could a girl ask for? Actually, A-deck season passes to Ohio Stadium, but that’s another conversation to have…

In any event, the fall season reminds me of the wonderful times I’ve had in the year, and prepares me for the adventure and new memories I will create in the New Year. It’s also a chance to fully commit myself to and finalize those goals I’d “vow” I’d do in January, way back when, right? One of my goals was to run a half-marathon, which I am, the Columbus Half-Marathon in late October. When signing up on-line a few weeks ago, the website asks for an “estimate completion time” – I then thought to myself, “Um, 5 hours and that my legs don’t give up?!” Apparently, that is not an option. So with my anxiety, excitement, and willingness to stay committed, I’m lacing up my running shoes and training!

The fall season is also a reminder that Red Roof Inn’s Sweepstakes for our 40th anniversary is still underway and there is still time to participate! Please click on the link above for more details and restrictions.

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