Roll down the windows, turn it on up!


Summer is hands down my favorite season. What is better than warm weather, sunshine, beach vacations and of course concerts? Not much in my book! Columbus is finally getting the heat and blue skies and we also happen to be in the heart of some of the best country concerts around, I could not be happier.

I would consider myself somewhat of an all-American country girl, so yes I love country music and a few country concerts here and there. Nothing beats good tunes and good eats with good friends. Ohio is a melting pot of music fans and one thing we are not short on is…country music fans.

Growing up with a country music fan, my dad, my love for country music began at a young age. The famous George Jones and Tammy Wynette tour was the first country concert I attended and was an experience I will never forget. My dad is a huge blue grass/country music fan and I would say George Jones is one of his top three favorite artists. For his birthday one year, my mom bought him tickets to see the famous George Jones and Tammy Wynette tour. My parents are avid music fans, my mom is more of a Bruce Springsteen type of music fan, but none the less they both love a good concert.

My sister was four and I was six when we accompanied my parents to the George Jones and Tammy Wynette tour. Although we had no idea what was going on, we saw how giddy my parents were and we knew something exciting was going to happen. The crowd was jam packed with quite an interesting group of people. There were young, old, families, couples and everything in between there all with one thing in common, their love of country music.

Starting with this famous George Jones and Tammy Wynette tour, then looking back on other country concerts I’ve attended, it’s safe to say the atmosphere is half the fun. There is so much energy and excitement that you can’t help but smile and sing along. Being only six and not even sure who George Jones was, the people, are who I remember most from that night. I remember dancing and singing with the people sitting next to us and the goofy grin on my dad’s face.

When I attend country concerts even today, I think back to that night. I was introduced to a world I still like to pretend I’m a part of every summer. As the weather starts to get warm and windows get rolled down, country music is the only thing you will hear on my radio. I have my parents and the George Jones and Tammy Wynette tour to thank for that!

Red Roof and our guests are also avid country music fans! This year the Red Roof Inn Mobile Truck stopped at one of the first country concerts of the summer, Country Jam! Country music fans and stars including, Parmalee, Maggie Rose, Randy Houser and Gary Allen all stopped by to tour our NextGen truck! For more information on the Red Roof Inn’s Mobile Truck tour, click here.


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