I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference

This year I will be traveling a new road, a road I never saw myself traveling, a cross country road. In a few short months my family will be traveling the open road…in an RV. As with any new experience, I do have my concerns. Number one, anyone who knows me would not call me an outdoorsy girl in any sense of the word. Number two, I love my family to pieces but spending a week in very small quarters with one bathroom and five girls is a little unnerving. Although, putting my concerns aside I am looking forward to the new experience and hope to return with a few more travel memories to add to my collection.

Our trip will begin in sunny Las Vegas, a prime spot to indulge ourselves before hitting the open road. Throughout the week we will visit Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Salt Lake City, Utah, Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Monument Valley and Sedona, Arizona, concluding with the Hoover Dam in Nevada. As well as traveling cross country in an RV for the first time my family and I will also be visiting each of these locations for the first time. We are in for quite the adventure!

I have been very lucky to travel quite a lot in my twenty-five years. I’ve returned from all of my travels with many memories and a new experience under my belt. I expect nothing less from our trip out west. As Robert Frost once wrote, “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Traveling is an adventure, the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and the opportunity to learn a little something about yourself. These adventures have made all the difference in who I am today. Although I may have my concerns, I am always willing to put those aside to try something new. Some may say…I have caught the travel bug!

This year Red Roof will also be taking the road less traveled…in our mobile truck! The Red Roof Inn mobile truck will be touring the country for the first time to share the next generation of Red Roof Inn. Visit any of our stops along the way to experience our NextGen®  rooms by touring the truck and to find out what’s going on at a Red Roof Inn near you. Read this article in the Columbus Dispatch to hear what our President, Andrew Alexander has to say about taking our new room on tour!


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