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I grew up around dogs. My parents are “dog people”. I really did not now what that meant at the time and the dogs that came into my life as I was growing up where really more on the periphery of my concern. I knew they where there, they where always after me lucky charms and whatever else I may have had whilst snacking. My parents did not do the, let’s teach him responsibility by getting him a pet thing, as they enjoyed the dogs themselves and they where family to them and not a life lesson. I can recall their names and breeds, but that really is about the extent of my memories being around pets growing up.

As an adult, I sought out independence and a pet was not on the young and free dance card. In my mid 20’s, I rescued a cat. I did not want a cat. But for someone reason she caught me in the right mood and the universe felt compelled to say to me it was time for a room mate. So I named her Buffy and she moved in to my little apartment with me. She was a perfect roommate. Kept to herself, did her own thing, hung out out with me when she felt like it. I found myself becoming very fond of my cat. This was before digital cameras and smart phones and instant access to share, but I will admit that in conversation, from time to time, Buffy came up. I had become a guy who talked about his cat. And although an odd feeling at first, I came to embrace it. She was a good cat, and a good friend.

Jump ahead a decade, Buffy as pets do, moved on to her next big adventure and the young and free part of me was headed towards married and content. My wife, who never owned a dog, suggested we might add one to our new family. I resisted, perhaps out of nostalgia for the young and free me, perhaps I did not want to share my relationship with my wife with someone else, but mostly because I was not a “dog person”. I mean, what would Buffy think? I get dogs, I mean, I understand the attraction, man’s best friend and all of that, but it seemed to be a lot of work. And I work a lot all ready. We tried a test run of fostering a dog, man did I fail that one. Time passed and my wife healed from the disappointment of not keeping the foster. Then one day, she brings it back up. I agree. We began a search for a dog. I had no preference other than perhaps we get a rescue as a nod to Buffy, the wife, never having had a dog wanted a puppy, to get the complete experience. I let her seek out what she wanted, as to be honest, not totally sold on the idea, I wanted her to have ownership of the dog in case I balked, not fair to her, but it was what it was, and so was I at the time.

“I want a Goldendoodle!” A what? I replied. I knew the basic dog groups. I had not kept on the trends of designer dogs or mixing of breeds, which to me where all just  mutts, no matter the parents. It felt odd to tell people we are looking for a Goldendoodle, sounds like something out of kids tv show. But thats what she wanted and thats what we found, once again thanks to the universe.

Our pup was 6 weeks old when we found him. He was a nugget, not yet ready for the world but we where able to take him and give him a place, a home. The first week, I regretted the decision pretty much daily. But then something happened, something turned or switched, I fell completely in love with the little guy. He became an example of just how good the world could be and I became a “dog person”.

Two years later, I am still a “dog person” and I am proud of it. I share pictures of my dog, he comes with me where ever I go. He is my friend, my companion and a member of our family. I am lucky that I get to travel with my dog. After all he is one of us, he should get to be a part of our life experiences. He loves to travel. He loves to see the world. He loves to be a part of it all. He has seen the city, he has hiked into the wilds of the mountains. He is my guy, my boy and I can not imagine our family without him. He is, a good boy.

As we celebrate our 40 Years of Stories at Red Roof Inn, we are lucky that we can look back over those years and find many stories of our guests traveling with their pets. Red Roof Inn, since our opening in 1973 has been pet friendly. We have always welcomed these members of our guests families and we continue to do so till this day. To celebrate our pet heritage, we are offering 15% off your stay with your pet in April!


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