The luck of the Irish

I’m not Irish….but since the day I was born, I’ve been told I have the “luck of the Irish.” Being born on St. Patrick’s Day gives me some extra luck, or so my family tells me. I’m still a little skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, my life has been pretty amazing so far, but I’m not so sure luck has been the cause of ALL of that.

When I was five, there was a drawing for a brand new pink “big girl” bike at a restaurant my family visited quite frequently. This bike was a big deal, even more so for me, because this was my first chance to have my very own “big girl” bike. I talked to everyone I knew about this bike like it was already mine, and told stories about where my new “big girl” bike and I would go. I can remember waiting and waiting for the winner to be announced, and as my name was read I knew my parents were right, I was lucky! At the ripe old age of five my lucky streak had begun.

After I won the bike, my family was surely convinced being a St. Patty’s Day baby had something to do with it. At five, winning that bike made me feel like I was unstoppable. I entered myself in every drawing and contest throughout my hometown, and although I didn’t win every one I did walk away with some pretty great prizes.

There is one prize in particular that I can remember winning like it was yesterday, my very own back yard swing set. I remember being woken up by my mom the day it was being built in my back yard. Even today, that swing set is still in that same back yard and put to good use every once in a while.

As I grow up and remember winning the pink “big girl” bike and my very own swing set, I also remember the pretty amazing things that I’ve been blessed to have without luck. I have always thought of my birthday as a time for reflection. As I look back on where I was at this time last year, I realize just how many positive things have happened and how much I have learned about myself.

Although I do realize I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today I can’t help but think that my “luck of the Irish,” has played a small part in that. So, this year, as I celebrate another birthday/St. Patrick’s Day I think maybe my family was right all along, I may just have some of that Irish luck!

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