Our lives can be summed up in numbers.  Our families. 2 Brothers. Our pets. 1 Dog. Our travels. 2750 Miles last year.  Numbers play an intricate part in helping us keep track of the things we have seen, the people we have met and the accomplishments we have achieved.

Now before you think I am about go all “A Beautiful Mind” on you, I want to assure you that I have a point here. A story to tell in numbers, that in a blog title appear perhaps to be random or a really lazy countdown. Let’s break them down and discover their meaning. And I promise that you will not have to enter them into a terminal every hour to prevent the island from self-destructing.  Yes, I still miss “Lost”.

The numbers:


In 2013 Red Roof Inn is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. 40 years of stories, 40 years of guests, 40 years of providing a nice place for a nice price. And for one of our guests, 2013 and 40 will be numbers to remember, you see we are giving away $40,000 to celebrate this milestone in our history. What would you do with $40,000? Pay off 10 bills?  Buy 1 new car? Maybe 40,000 $1 Value Menu purchases? Give 50% to your favorite blogger? (Had to try.)

1 and 3

1, it has been said, “is the loneliest number.”  Now I have to say, not wanting to start a Twitter war with 3DogNightFan that I disagree. In 2013, the number 1 represents our overall performance in our guest satisfaction according to Market Metrix.  There is nothing lonely about being number 1 in guest satisfaction. For Red Roof Inn it means that we have spent the prior year servicing a large number of guests, welcoming them into our inns and into our lives and providing the service they expect and going 1 step further and exceeding that expectation in such a way that they when asked, they place us #1 in 2012 for guest satisfaction.  Okay the 3? Well we have been number 1 in 2010, 2011 and now 2012.

As we continue through the year, I am sure we will find more numbers that help us quantify the stories of our guests and Red Roof Inn. Right now we look back at what 40, 3, 1 and what the mean to Red Roof Inn and more importantly to our guests.

For information on our 40th Anniversary happenings and how to win $40,000 from Red Roof Inn visit www.redroofis40.com.


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