Keep a moment from running away

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” A picture captures a memory and tells a story. Today, capturing a perfect, sad, happy, exciting, or everyday moment has become quite the hobby with apps like (my personal favorite) Instagram. Instagram makes it very easy for anyone to take a picture and then enhance, crop, or brighten it to make it look exactly like you want.

Tools to capture memories have been around for a very long time, and I can also bet these tools have been a part of every one of your family vacations, birthday parties, holiday parties, and every event in between. They sure have in my family! My mom has been called, more than once, the camera queen. Although, I think my family would all agree that I have taken on that role. My Iphone is constantly out and being put to good use at every family gathering, and pictures have become my go-to when it comes to capturing my life events and happenings.

I take pictures to capture a present moment, and then later reflect back on that moment.  Whether it be happy, sad or exciting, I remember what I felt at that particular time. As I take a picture I try to capture memories that spark stories and feelings every time they are looked at.

Not only have I become quite the picture taker, but my mom and other members of my family have been picture takers from the beginning. Pictures and home videos have become a very important part of my family gatherings. Every time we get together, picture albums are brought out and home videos are put on repeat. Many of these memories and experiences, my family and I have enjoyed together so for the next few hours we spend time remembering. We remember happy moments, sad moments, and mostly funny moments from vacations, Christmas’s, family reunions, and any other event you can think of.

On a recent trip home, pictures and home videos were shared from our yearly family vacation. Every summer, my family spends a week in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. We stay at the same condo every year and have become quite regulars with the locals. During most of these vacations my mom, Grandma, Aunt, someone gets out the camera. After watching these home videos and looking at pictures, I am sure glad they did!

The particular video we watched a couple weeks ago was from 2000. We laughed the entire hour of the video, talking about what we wore, how cute the little ones were, and about things we said or did. Everyone had many different memories and stories they shared. These pictures and home videos not only capture a memory, they also tell a story. As my family and I talked about pictures from that vacation we all had a different story to tell.

This month Red Roof wants to hear your story! As a kick off to our 40th Anniversary, we would like you to share your travel stories with us. And, to help you create your 2013 travel stories, Red Roof is giving away five $100 gift cards. Visit our Facebook page to share your travel stories and win!


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