A sharing day’s a happy day

Thanksgiving has come to an end and the holiday season is in full swing. Starbucks has their holiday cups out, holiday songs are being played on the radio, and everywhere you look there is an opportunity to partake in this season of giving by helping those less fortunate.

The concept of giving to those in need is something most children are taught at a very young age. Parents teach their children to share their toys, schools encourage kids to help those less fortunate by participating in donations of all kinds, and many organizations encourage employees to take time to give back.

As we spend the next few weeks finishing up our Thanksgiving leftovers and preparing for our next holiday party, many of us have food on the brain. Most holiday parties involve food and lots of it. Food has always brought people together and given us something to look forward to and talk about, even after the party is over.

I recently moved away from home, so this holiday season I am particularly thankful to be able to visit with my family and enjoy some great food. Food has been a very important part of my family gatherings since I can remember, and when I arrived home last week for Thanksgiving I was in no way disappointed. Thanksgiving is a day to eat, and eat, and eat and I made sure I did just that. We began the day with a brunch at my Grandma’s and then headed to my mom’s house for dinner. We ate ALL DAY.

As I am still surprised by the abundance of food we have at every get together, it is also easy to take it for granted. Every year my family partakes in the traditional, “What are you thankful for.” Most years, I have an elaborate thoughtful answer to this question, but this year was different. This year my answer was simple, family and food.

As I get older, I become more and more thankful for the little things. It is important to take the time to realize what is truly important, because not everyone has the opportunity to get together during this time of year or can afford to eat a holiday meal.

A very important man in my life, my grandpa, always said “A sharing day’s a happy day.” This year Red Roof asks our guests to share food, something too often taken for granted and something many don’t have.

We encourage all guests to participate in the fight for hunger by sharing a non-perishable food item at check-in to receive 15% off your stay. Each item will be donated to local area food banks.


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