Black Friday and a special treat for you!

Here at Red Roof we are celebrating Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season with several festivities including a special treat for you! A holiday is not complete without decorations, food, parties, and sales lots of sales. To throw the perfect Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner visiting the sales at your favorite bargain stores is essential. You also can’t discuss sales or the holidays without mentioning the sale of all sales, Black Friday.

Black Friday is a day known to many as the beginning of the holiday season. As October comes to an end and we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, everywhere you look there will be a flood of information about Black Friday sales. I have had the great pleasure of participating in several Black Friday shopping extravaganzas.

In my house, Black Friday begins on the night of Thanksgiving. My mom, sisters, and I gather all of the coupons and ads we can get our hands on and prepare our lists. The excitement builds as stories are shared from previous years and we prepare for the following morning. We wake up at the crack of dawn, get all bundled up, rush to Starbucks, and then we are off.

I think it is safe to say my family has gotten Black Friday shopping down to a science. We enter each store with a goal in mind and then plan to return to the checkout with our items and wait and wait and wait. Once our lists are all checked off and every item we need is bought we meet my dad for breakfast, and share all of our stories from another year.

My holiday season would not be the same without spending Black Friday, shopping with my mom and sisters. Every family has holiday traditions that will continue for generations to come, and one of my traditions happens to be Black Friday extravaganza.

Begin your holiday season and start new traditions with Red Roof Inn and enjoy a special treat for you, our Halloween 24-hour sale. Book today and save up to 30% on your stay!


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