It Was the Best of Times, the Wurst of Times…

I was able to travel a lot as a kid. Now when we traveled we did not hit the big city for shopping or the overly merchandised amusement parks. No, we did festivals. My family was big on themes apparently and if it had a festival, we would attend. I think this was my mothers way of expanding my knowledge of the universe. And what child does not need to know about Garlic, Pumpkins, Tomatoes, Irish Culture, Greek Culture, Italian Culture, Johnny Appleseed, Blues, Art, Flowers, Pioneers, Logging, etc. If there was an opportunity for an interest or hobby to slap the word “fest” at the end of it, we where there.

As I have children of my own, I look back on being dragged all over the US as child with a fondness that comes with perspective from age. At the time, I will cop to being slightly annoyed to have to share my stories of adventure from the Strawberryfest with my friends returning home with all of the latest and greatest toys covered in the logo of their favorite theme park. But as I prepare to plan out my daughters future as a member of our family vacations, I understand how lucky I was that I got to experience all of the unique events and passions that make up the melting pot of not only American but world culture.

My mother, under handed and sneaky woman that she is, not only spent time with her family, but she, under the guise of fun, got me engaged, she got me to learn, she got me to expand my world. I can see that now,and I appreciate it. We are fortunate to have so many great festivals to attend, both local and as a road trip. I am looking forward to taking my own daughter to these events, spending time as a family, and secretly helping her learn about the world around her.

The world wide web has given us all opportunities to discover new and interesting places to go and visit and this includes festivals. Just Google a hobby or interest you may have and I am sure you will find a festival nearby.

A new one for me, that I just discovered via one of our locations is the Wurstfest. And yes in conversation it was a bit misunderstood as I questioned who would want to attend this, would not the Bestfest be the place to go. But soon I discovered that of course this was a festival to celebrate German culture. And let’s be honest the best thing about attending festivals is the food. This one has been added to my list and I look forward to announcing it the family and getting the inevitable reply of, “Really Dad?”. But I know that as soon as we get there and grab a brat and cream puff, and watch some dancing, she will, secretly, when I am not looking, smile.

If you are attending Wurstfest this year, our property in New Braunfels is offering a special to attendees.



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